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Screen Rooms

Custom aluminum screen room extrusions come in a variety of colors and are screened with Phiefer screen in different screen openings depending on how much sun or privacy you are looking for. The screen comes in several colors also. Charcoal is the most popular color. Your screen room can have a 18” or taller kickplate on the bottom of screen room to protect screen from pets that might like the shaded screen room to relax in.

Screen door included with screen room installation. We can screen in a new patio cover or an existing patio that you would like to utilize. If your having trouble with insects then a screen room is a perfect place to relax and smell the fresh air.

  • Enhances privacy without obstructing your view.
  • Reduces tv and computer monitor glare.
  • Keeps out pesky insects.
  • Variety of screen types and colors.
  • Provides shading from the sun’s harmful UV rays.
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Available in

  • Oven baked extrusions in white, bronze, tan, adobe, cameo.
  • Screen from standard screen to 80% sun blockage depending on customer needs.
  • Screen door included with room.
  • Kick plate on bottom of room available upon request.

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